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3 Times You Can’t Afford to Forget Moisturizer

One of the worst misconceptions that we’ve encountered here at Recipe for Men is that moisturizer is only for women. Sure, they have purses in which they can carry it around, and most aromatic lotions aren’t quite “man friendly,” but that’s probably because they’re not shopping for a brand like ours.

As a man, keeping your skin hydrated is more than important if you want to have healthy skin well into your AARP years. In fact, properly hydrated skin is one of the main reasons that men continue to look up to 15 years younger than women of the same age. 

It’s a common fact that men tend to be more ignorant of skin care than women, and we want to change that. While keeping your skin moisturized is something to be mindful of all the time, here are three common situations in which, if you are proactive about hydrating your skin, you will begin to look and feel healthier.

The Beach

It may seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re getting prolonged sun exposure, it’s not enough to just block the UV rays: you need to make sure that you’re also hydrating your skin along with the sunscreen. While many products offer this feature built in, it’s always good to research an oil free moisturizer for men, that won’t clog your pores while still offering that added protection.

Getting a sunburn is kind of like giving your skin a hangover—not only are you damaging your liver when you drink excessively, but you’re also severely dehydrating yourself, and that can lead to a ruined Sunday or two. When you use a moisturizer at the beach, you’re stopping that skin hangover from ever showing up.

The Slopes

It seems like a big mass of frozen water—the ski or snowboard mountain—is probably the last place you’ll need to worry about keeping your skin hydrated. It’s just the opposite: not only are you getting UV exposure on those sunny days, magnified by the white snow blanket, but you’re also getting the harsh drying effects of the wind. That can be even more severe than time on the beach.

Before you hit the mountain, make sure that you put on a healthy layer of chap stick and face moisturizer, so that the parts of your body that aren’t covered in three layers of long johns stay hydrated and healthy.

The Shower

Most men are surprised by this one, but a shower is one of the most dehydrating activities you can expose your skin to. Remember all those two-shower days in middle school? It might have actually been helpful when your skin had a surplus of oil, and the acne to prove it, but now it’s just a hindrance to your skin’s overall health.

Make sure that after your daily shower, you apply some moisturizer. You’ll be amazed at the difference your skin feels.

With these three simple examples, we hope that you’re a little more aware of all the things in our lives that dehydrate our skin. With a good moisturizer, you can enjoy all of these activities even more, and in 15 years you’ll still be looking just as good on the beach as you are today.