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5 Easy Ways Guys Can Elevate Their Style Game

Fashion doesn't come naturally to all guys. If given the chance, some of us would live in gym shorts 24-7. While there's no reason why comfort can't be part of your wardrobe, it's not a bad idea to add a stylish addition here and there. You'll be surprised at the new looks you get. If you want to branch out or just need a refresher on how to improve your look, here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind.

Skin care

Make up for guys isn't unheard of per se, but generally speaking, a clean, natural look will go a long way. As far as skin care products go, you should start with a good matte moisturizer for men. No guy wants his skin to shine and glisten in the light, which is why many moisturizers fail. You want a matte finish, especially if you have oily skin.

Additionally, if you want to reduce the signs of aging or just look healthier, a simple eye cream can leave you looking fresh and alert (even if you're feeling old and tired). The best products come without much fuss, and only take seconds to apply.

Build out your wardrobe

If you want to mix up your wardrobe with more stylish touches but are shy about trying, work attire is a good place to get your feet wet. For example, when buying pants for the office, opt for a slimmer cut. Whether you're investing in straight-leg chinos or a more refined suit pant, a narrower leg will enhance your look. The same basic rule applies to casual clothes as well. Fitted pants and shirts will give you more definition (and a little color never hurt either).

Roll – not pull – those sleeves

It's always tempting to pull up your long sleeves, but that doesn't mean you should yank them high up your arm, as many of us do. Instead, start by folding the sleeve evenly at the cuff. This will help keep the look symmetrical and maintain the integrity of the fabric, ensuring that your shirt lasts longer. Keep folding up the forearm past the elbow. The sleeve should sit comfortably there, but also be somewhat tight. Otherwise, it may look messy and unravel.

Don't drown yourself in cologne

For many guys, cologne is best applied with a subtle hand. Too much of it can actually backfire; people will be repelled by you. If you have dry skin, look for simpler notes of sandalwood, as lighter scents will wear off quickly. By contrast, men with more oily skin should seek out lighter colognes, such as those featuring floral or citrus notes.

Find a good barber / stylist

Some guys prefer the old-school experience of the barber: few words are exchanged, little time is spent in the chair. If you're going for a classic buzz or simple fade, this may work fine.

However, if you want a more contemporary cut, consider finding a more versatile stylist. The best ones will know how to balance the right amount of chatter with a great-looking haircut.