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How Many Blades Should My Razor Have?

It’s an age-old question… sort of. Actually, up until about eight years ago, it was really, “single blade versus triple?” This whole business of five- and six-blade Bentleys for your face is quite new—and considered a joke until guys like Jeter started pushing them. In Connecticut, a judge ruled that companies couldn’t say that the vibrating feature actually promoted a closer shave because there was insignificant scientific evidence.

So how do you sift through all the hubbub when it comes to choosing a razor that produces the kind of shave that you want? Do brands really matter? Does the number of blades really make a difference? And what’s all this business about single blades?

If you’d rather not give your dad a call to figure all of this out, read on, and we’ll try and help you figure out the best way for you to shave.

What’s Going On With Those Blades?

The reality is, you’ve got too many options when it comes to the number of blades—and for most guys, spoiler alert, it doesn’t really make a difference.

The difference between a two-blade, a four-blade, and a twelve-blade is how close you’re getting to your face—or so they say. Supposedly, the first blade on a multi-blade razor lifts the hairs off your face, and the subsequent ones cut it, leaving a closer-to-the-surface cut.

With a single-blade safety razor, you’re cutting at an entirely different angle, and with a more powerful blade. This will give you a classic shaved feel, and it incorporates some of those classic manly-man customs like a shaving cream brush.

So if you’re just going for a daily to semi-weekly shave, and you’ve got a beard that doesn’t grow back by breakfast, then you should be fine with a two-blade razor. It gets the job done, and it with the right non foaming shave gel, you won’t experience that nasty razor burn.

Some guys swear by a five-blade razor, claiming a smoother shave, but we don’t think you’re really notice a difference.

What’s Going On With Your Beard?

A good question to ask, however, is what your needs are with a razor. Five o’clock shadow is a much more apparently reality for some guys than others. If you can’t seem to escape that dark hue over your face after work, you might consider one of the higher count blades, because it might help your shave to last longer.

It’s important to note, however, that the bigger the blade count, the bigger the head, which means it might be more difficult to navigate those hard-to-reach parts of your face. So make sure that if you’re using big bertha, she’s got a handy detail trimmer on the back.

What’s Going On With Your Budget?

The bottom line is that it’s more about what you’re willing to spend. If you don’t mind blowing hundreds a year on razors, then that’s your prerogative. Unless you’re buying a custom, handmade single-blade razor or stealing disposables from the hotel concierge on business trips, there’s not much of a difference in quality between name brand and the cheaper stuff.

Our advice? Grab a good cream, and a cheap razor, and see if that works for you. You can only go up from there, but why not see if you really need it at all?

Good luck, and happy shaving!