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The Difference Between Men's and Women's Skin

People often ask us whether men really need different skincare from women. We know that sometimes it’s easier to just purchase the first thing you see on the shelf (we don’t like spending too much time at the store either) or steal products from a woman in your life (don’t worry a lot of men do this). However there are some subtle, but key differences between men’s and women’s skin. In general, men’s skin:
  • Is oilier – many men have twice as oily skin as women
  • Has bigger and more pores – unfortunately, the bigger pores are an easier target for bacteria
  • Is more fragile/irritated – this is usually due to shaving
  • Is thicker – men should count their blessings because this often means less heavy wrinkles, but men still face (no pun intended) fine lines
  • Is more easily dehydrated – this is especially the case for active guys

These differences in the men’s skin is why we’ve developed Recipe for Men from the ground up and have included unique ingredients that cater specifically to men’s skin. All of our facial care focused products have a proprietary blend called Sebustop, which is a blend of cinnamon, ginger, and burnet (an herb). This combination handles the two biggest issues with men’s skin – oilier skin and bigger pores. It acts as a tonic, a skincare product that reduces pore size and deeply cleans your skin to help balance the skin. Sebustop combined with some of the most effective ingredients has allowed us to not just a great skincare line, but a great skincare line for men. So the next time you think about stealing a woman's product, think again!