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About Us

Recipe for Men was created to help active men look and feel their best. The brand was born out of three men’s quest to find a men’s focused skincare line that presented logical solutions to the skin problems they faced. Founded in Sweden in 2003 by Mikael Snabb, Jesper Matsch, and Jesper Rönnbäck, the brand offers high quality grooming products for the active, energetic, and sophisticated gentleman.

As college students, Mikael Snabb and Jesper Matsch found themselves spending more time on the ski slopes of Sweden than in the classroom. Frequently joined by their friend Jesper Rönnbäck, a member of the Swedish National Freestyle Ski Team, World Cup Winner, and Olympian, the three friends had a better understanding of ski strategy and snow conditions than the founding of a business. However, the men quickly began to recognize the toll their enthusiasm for outdoor sports in the harsh Scandinavian winters was taking on their skin, especially after only using large bottles of body moisturizer on their face. Faced with dry, sun-damaged, and irritated skin, and a pharmacy full of products geared towards women, Snabb, Matsch, and Rönnbäck set out to create a grooming line that would hydrate and protect their skin while remaining simplistic in application. They wanted to create a line that men recognized to be truly effective and worth the money.

Just as Sweden is known for its sleek design concepts, beautiful natural environment, and modern functionality, Recipe for Men brings together high concentrations of active ingredients, subtle natural fragrances, and a streamlined regimen to create a solutions-based line of products. Each product was created to solve the skin problems that many men struggle to overcome – whether faced with a shiny forehead, patchy dry skin, dullness, or dark under eye circles – Recipe for Men has a recipe to fix it!