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Eat Your Way to Better Skin

Managing a good skincare routine isn't just about what you put on your skin...  Having the best skin possible is having good eating habits.
Even if you are doing everything correctly with a skincare routine; if you aren't getting the correct nutrients your skin will lack elasticity, look dull, and become dry over time and will show signs of aging.  
10 Foods to Eat for Better Skin:
1. Salmon - Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein - two things that your body needs to survive.  Incorporating salmon into your diet is one of the healthiest things you can do for your skin. 
2. Eggs - Eggs are simple to make AND healthy!  They are rich in protein and amino acids which help repair the skin. 
3. Avocado - Eating 1 avocado is almost half the equivalent amount of (good) fat you should be eating in one day.  Each avocado has about 21 grams of fat and most people need 50-80 grams of healthy fat a day.  Healthy fats are brain food! 
4. Spinach - This leafy green protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, including UV rays.  Among many health benefits, spinach should be in everyone's refrigerator.
5. Oats - Who doesn't love oatmeal?  Oats are high in fiber and many minerals.  You can dress up your oats with honey and fruit so you stay full longer throughout the day. 
6. Raw Almonds - Eat one handful of almonds a day for a hydration boost.  Almonds are high in vitamin E, which prevents cell damage and also softens the skin. 
7. Whole Wheat Bread - Swap your bleached white bread and pasta with a healthier whole wheat option.  This will help clear up any existing or new acne. 
8. Dark Chocolate - Increases blood flow and has a great amounts of antioxidants.  Consume in moderation.   
9. Oysters - Eating this slimy creature will make you age slower with the heaps of zinc packed into each one.  If you don't like the taste or texture, there are other alternatives like, lean red meat, whole grains, crab and lobster.  Although oysters are truly the best source for zinc. 
10. Sweet Potato - Once a sweet potato is consumed, it turns into vitamin A in our bodies.  Vitamin A helps with dull and dry skin.  Eat sweet potatoes for brighter and more hydrated skin.